Purpose and Goals


The Renaissance HS Alumni Association’s purpose is to support and promote the interests and well-being of alumni, students, faculty, and staff of Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI.


The goals of RHSAA are to:


  • Implement programs to enhance educational opportunities and the quality of life for alumni, students, faculty and staff at RHS.


  • To support the activities of RHS toward the realization of its educational program in every manner possible.


  • To establish and promote goals and Association projects which tend to strengthen the ties between the members, Association, community, and the high school.


  • To unite for social purposes those persons who are interested in the distinguished record and future progress of RHS.


  • To act as an agency for the dissemination of information regarding the educational advantages of RHS.


  • Provide a framework for alumni, with interests common to the organization, to meet both formally and informally for educational, professional and social purposes. 

  • Establish communication linkages between alumni, students, faculty, staff, parent groups, etc. at RHS to maintain a common awareness of issues being addressed or to be addressed by the organization.


  • Mobilize resources to assist students in their matriculation at RHS.